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Note: This page is still under construction. Currently filling in information on the top 100 Builders, and adding other local builders as I go. Trying to organize the state of Florida (I think if I can get that one down, the rest will be easy)  --Steve 1/28/00

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Builder 100 (125)

Every year Builder magazine publishes a list ot the top 100 Builders by Revenue. In 1998, roughly 40% of the builders on the list had an internet presence. When the list was published in 1999, the number had grown to almost 70%. Now, almost all these builders are on the net. The 1999 list is presented here in its entirety. Following the name in brackets is the number of units completed in 1998. Following that is their stock symbol if publicly traded. Clicking the name of the company will take you to their website. Clicking the symbol will get you a current stock quote. You can browse the SEC Filings at Free Edgar

001 Pulte Corp. [20,359] PHM
002 Kaufman and Broad Home Corp. [15,213] KBH
        Also: Lewis Homes
003 DR Horton & Co. [15,168] DHI
        Also: Arappco, Cambridge, Continental Homes, Dobson, Joe Miller, Mareli Construction, Milburn Homes,
        Regency, RMP Properties, SGS, Trimark and Torrey.
004 Centex Corp. [13,759] CTX
        Also: Fox & Jacobs Homes, Calton Homes, Teal Homes, Wayne Homes and Cavco Industries
005 Lennar Corp. [10,777] LEN
        Also: Greystone Homes, Village Builders, Winncrest Homes, Rennaissance Homes, US Home
006 The Ryland Group, Inc. [8,994] RYL
007 US Home Corp. [8,258] UH
        2/17/00 Lennar to Aquire US Home
008 NVR, Inc. [7,622] NVR
        Also: Ryan, NVHomes and Fox Ridge Homes
009 Beazer Homes USA [6,471] BZH
        Also: Panitz, Phillips, Squires, and Trafalgar House
010 MDC Holdings [6,293] MDC
        Also: Richmond American Homes
011 Del Webb Corp. [6,281] WBB
        Also: Sun City, Anthem
012 Shea Homes [4,784] Note- Largest Privately Held Builder
013 Hovnanian Enterprises [4,138] HOV
014 The Fortress Group [4,115] FRTG
        Also: Brookstone Homes, Wilshire Homes, Christopher Homes, Don Galloway Homes, Iacobucci Homes,
        Sunstar Homes, Westbrook Homes, Whittaker Homes,  Quail Homes, and the Genesee Company.
015 Lewis Homes Group of Cos. [3,737]
        10/28/1998:  Lewis Homes was acquired by Kaufman and Broad.
016 Crossman Communities [3,714] CROS
        Also: Paragon Builders [Memphis], Pinehurst Builders [Myrtle Beach]
017 Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Co. [3,708] WY
        This is a division of Weyerhaeuser that sells off timberland. They operate in 6 states in the US.
018 Jim Walter Homes [3,702] WLT
        Also: Neatherlin Homes, Dream Homes, Crestline Homes. JWH is a subsidiary of Walter Industries.
019 Habitat for Humanity International [3,641]
020 M/I Schottenstein Homes [3,629] MHO
021 Toll Brothers [3,099] TOL
022 David Weekley Homes [2,789]
023 Choice Homes [2,646]
024 Engle Homes [2,605] ENGL
025 Kimball Hill Homes [2,545]

026 Morrison Homes [2,532]
027 Brookfield Properties Corp. [2,529]
028 American West Homes [N/A]
029 Standard Pacific Corp. [2,328]
030 The Presley Cos. [1,925]
031 Newmark Home Corp. [1,874] NHCH
032 Schuler Homes [1,827]
033 MHI [1,821]
        Also: Pioneer, Plantation,   Coventry Homes and Carmel Builders
034 WL Homes [1,785]
        Also: John Laing Homes/Watt Residential Partners merger
035 Highland Homes [1,778]
036 Dominion Homes [1,735] DHOM
037 Washington Homes [1,687] WHI
038 Mercedes Homes [1,630]
039 The Drees Company [1,621]
040 Ashton Woods Homes [1,613]
        Subsidiary of Great Gulf Group of Companies
041 Western Pacific Housing [1,605]
042 Perry Homes [1,482]
043 Shapell Industries [1,393]
044 The Villages [1,321]
045 Meritage Corp. [1,291] MTH
046 John Wieland Homes [1,253]
047 Zaring National Corp. [1,251]
048 Hunt Building Corp. [1,240]
049 The Newhall Land & Farming Co. [1,232] NHL
050 The Forcast Group [1,228]

051 Robson Communities [1,130]
052 The Rottlund Co. [1,092]
053 Arvida/JMB Partners [1,086]
054 Elliott Homes [1,066]
055 Royce Homes [1,059]
        Also: Espree, Michael Thomas Estates, Texas Colonial and Enclave Homes
056 Holiday Builders [1,055]
057 Crosswinds Communities
058 WCI
059 Woodside Group
060 Pasquinelli Construction Co.
061 Cambridge Companies [1,013]
062 Transeastern Properties, Inc. [1,000]
063 Emerald Homes [965]
064 Taylor Woodrow Homes [940]
065 Colony Homes [926]
066 Landstar Development Corp. [921]
067 Polygon Northwest Co. [913]
068 Capital Pacific Holdings [908]
069 GL Homes of Florida Corporation [887]
070 Town & Country Homes [871]
071 Levitt Corporation [823]
072 Davis Homes [816]
073 Nanticoke Homes, Inc. [744]
074 Trend Homes of Arizona [775]
075 Brown Family Communities

076 Lakewood Homes [737]
077 American Heritage Homes [706]
078 Sundance Homes Incorporated [682]
079 Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Inc. [630]
080 Fischer Homes [665]
081 Hammonds Homes, Inc. [654]
082 Concord Development Corporation [641]
083 Brighton Builders, Inc. [630]
084 Rhodes Homes [626]
085 Village Homes of Colorado [620]
086 The Jones Company [608]
087 Goodman Family of Builders, LP [603]
088 Elite Properties of America, Inc. [594]
089 Orleans Homebuilders, Inc. [589]
090 Bowden Building Corporation [587]
091 Pacific Bay Homes [580]
092 Neumann Homes [565]
093 Hills Communities, Inc. [551]
094 Fieldstone Communities, Inc. [549]
095 Soverign Texas Homes, Ltd. [535]
096 Ivory Homes [529]
097 Corky McMillin Companies [525]
098 Ball Homes, Inc. [520]
099 United Homes [509]
100 Intervest Construction, Inc. [508]


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State by State Builders (352)

Listings here are for builders, developers and construction managers. Its not a fancy search engine, because you don't need one. It's by no means a complete list, but as far as I can tell, I have more builder listings here in one spot, than anywhere else on the net, and its pretty easy to find what you want. Builders operating in more than 3 states are listed in the multistate section. Builders operating in more than 10 states are listed in the National section. The * indicates builders who are also on the Builder 100 list. Also, please note that I just list them, I don't recommend them. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who buys a home from a builder because they found him on the net, and doesn't bother to check him out any further, gets what they deserve. I'm sure all the quality builders out there will agree.

Shortcut: State Lookup Table
WY AS FM GU MH MP PW PR VI chba.gif (816 bytes)

International Builders (5)
Kaufman and Broad Home Corp.
* [Operates in 8 states in the South-Southwestern US, and in France]
Hovnanian Enterprises
* [Operates in 7 States in the US and Poland.]
Paragon Homes
[Operates in the US (CA), Japan & China]
* [Operates in 27 States in the US, Puerto Rico & Mexico]
Brookfield Homes
[Operates in the US and Canada]

National Builders [operating in 10 states or more] (6)
Centex Corp.
Beazer Homes*
Fortress Homes
The Ryland Group, Inc.*
Toll Brothers
US Home Corp.

Multistate Builders (20)
AG Spanos Companies [AZ, CA, FL, GA, NV, NM, TX]
Americas Home Place [Operates in 8 states in the East-Southeast from KY to FL]
Arvida/JMB Partners
[FL, GA, NC]
Bastion Custom Homes [PA, OH, WV, VA, NC]
Capital Pacific Holdings
* [AZ, CA, CO, NV, TX]
Castle & Cooke [AZ, CA, FL, HI]
Catellus [AZ, CA, CO, IL, KS, OK, OR, TX] CDX
Centex Corp.
* [FL, TX, AZ, NV, CA]
Crossman Communities
* [SC, NC, TN, KY, IN, OH]
David Weekley Homes* [CO, OK, TX, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL]
Del Webb
* [CA, NV, AZ, TX, IL, SC, FL]
The Drees Company* [NC, KY, TX, OH, VA]
Engle Homes* [FL, GA, NC, CO, TX, VA AZ]
Hunt Building Corp.
* [VA, HI, TX, CA, NM, WA, MS, AZ]
Kimball Hill Homes*
[CA, FL, IL, NV, OH, OR, TX, WA]
KSL Recreation Corporation [FL, GA, MI, CA, HI]
Meritage Corp.
[TX, AZ, CA]
Maronda Homes [FL, PA, OH]
Morrison Homes*
Newmark Home Corp.*
[TX, NC]
The Presley Cos.*
[CA, NV, NM]
Realen Homes [PA, IL]
United-Bilt Homes
Washington Homes
[PA, MD, VA, TN, NC, AL, MS]
John Wieland Homes & Neighborhoods
* [FL, GA, NC, SC, TN]
Zaring National Corp.
* [OH, NC, IN, KY, TN]
Westfield Homes [FL, IL, NC]

Alabama (2)
Joe Graham's Smart Homes [Mobile, AL]
Lewis Homes [Mobile, AL]

Arizona (12)
Mike Wachs Construction Co. [Tuscon, AZ]
Canoa Homes [Tuscon, AZ]
Del Mar Homes [Tempe, AZ]
Royal Homes [Scottsdale, AZ]
Dream Catcher Homes [Overgaard, AZ]
Peterson Grace Custom Homes [Queen Creek, AZ]
Phil Smith Custom Homes [Carefree, AZ]
Robson Communities
[Phoenix, Tuscon, Green Valley AZ]
Alexander Enterprises [Chandler, AZ]
Ocotillo Construction Company [Chandler, AZ]
Aries Contracting [Phoenix, AZ]
Future One Homes
[Phoenix, AZ]
Via Homes [Phoenix, AZ]

Arkansas (5)
Anderson Construction [Mountain Home, AR]
Musson Building [Bella Vista, AR]
Kent Arnold [Jonesboro, AR]
Buckart Companies
[Bentonville, AR]
Twin Lakes Homebuilders [AR]

California (17)
The Forcast Group
[Statewide, CA]
Western Pacific Housing
[Statewide, CA]

Northern California (9)
Daniel Construction
[San Jose, CA]
Richland Homes
[Walnut Creek, CA]
Talbot Remodeling [San Francisco, CA]
Woodbridge Partners [Davis, CA]
Federal Building Co. [Oakland, CA]
Joe P. Moura Construction [Ft. Bragg, CA]
Gregory S. Sloane
[S Lake Tahoe, CA]
Parkland Homes [Sacramento, CA]
DL Stringer Construction [Tehachapi, CA]

Southern California (8)
Continental Homes [San Diego, CA]
California Pacific Homes [Newport Beach, CA]
Classic Pacific
[Costa Mesa, CA]
Irvine Co. [Newport Beach, CA]
The Newhall Land & Farming Co.
[Valencia, CA]
Barratt Homes [San Diego, CA]
Shapell/S&S [San Jose, San Diego, CA]
Wathan Castano [Fresno, CA]
Charles A. Ross Company [Orange County, CA]
Werbco Construction Corp. [Agua Dulce, CA]

Canada (10)
Jayman, Master Builder [Calgary, AB]
Minto Homes [Richmond Hill, ON]
Monarch Group [Toronto, ON]
Kassinger Construction [Oshawa, ON]
Claridge Homes [Ottowa, ON]
Pompeii Homes [Edmonton]
The Mountainview Group [Thorold, ON]
Peregrine Hunter [Toronto, ON]
ATK Enterprises [Edmonton]
Rommel Homes [Vancouver, BC]

Colorado (7)
Greentree Homes
[Denver, CO]
Ancient Lights [Hotchkiss, CO]
Classic Homes
[Colorado Springs, CO]
Fountain Crest Homes [Monument, CO]
Village Homes [Littleton, CO]
Keller Homes
[Colorado Springs, CO]
R. Clifford Construction [Ft. Collins, CO]
Summit Legend [Winter Park, CO]
Woodcrest Homes [Denver, CO]

Connecticut (3)
Town & Country Builder [Winsted, CT]
Hudson Sullivan Homes [Southeast CT]
Zocco Builders [Hartford, CT]

Florida (80)
Steve's Sheet of Florida Builders on the Internet

Wheeler Construction [Inverness, FL]
Gold Crest Homes [Crystal River, FL]

Clay, Collier & Columbia (1)
Cogdill Builders [Clay County, FL]

Duval, Escambia & Flagler (11)
Brylen Homes [Jacksonville, FL]
Edmonds Company [Jacksonville, FL]
Crawford Homes [Jacksonville, FL]
Lafayette, Lake & Lee (7)
Martin Built Homes [Clermont, FL]
Godfrey Custom Homes [Clermont, FL]
Lawson Estate Home [Clermont, FL]

Leon, Levy & Liberty (2)
Jamelin Custom Homes [Spring Hill, FL]

Madison, Manatee & Marion (8)
Freemar Homes [Bradenton, FL]
McKenzie Builders [Bradenton, FL]
Cherrywood Estates [Ocala, FL]
John Meyers Homes [Ocala, FL]
Decca Homes [Ocala, FL]
Curington Contracting [Ocala, FL]
Rainbow Springs Construction Co. [Ocala, FL]
Reed Homes of Central Florida [Ocala, FL]

Martin, Monroe & Nassau
Carrere General Contractors [Jupiter, FL]
Ellzey Construction [Gulf Breeze, FL]
Whitworth Builders [Fort Walton Beach, FL]
KG II Development [Crestview, FL]
RCL Development [Santa Rosa Beach, FL]
Max Mathews Builder [Santa Rosa Beach, FL]

Osceola, Palm Beach & Pasco (4)
Samuelson Builders [Pasco County, FL]

Pinellas, Polk & Putnam (2)
Orange Blossom Developers, Inc. [Palm Harbor, FL]
Polyak Homes [Davenport, FL]

Santa Rosa, Sarasota & Seminole (6)
Reliant Homes [Pace, FL]
Celebrity Home Builders [Pace, FL]
Wheat Homes [North Port, FL]
Southwest Florida Homes [Sarasota, FL]
First Southern Homes [Longwood, FL]
Wetherington Builders [Osceola, FL]

St. Johns, St. Lucie & Sumter (1)
Coates Construction Inc. [St. Augustine, FL]

Suwannee, Taylor & Union

Volusia, Wakulla, Walton & Washington (5)
Agnew Corporation [Deland, FL]
Suda, Inc. [Deland, FL]
Coquina Key [Daytona Beach, FL]
Waterford Quality Homes [DeBary, FL]
Boland Homes [Deltona, FL]

Georgia (5)
Ashton Woods
[Atlanta, GA]
Plantation Builders
[Albany, GA]
Residential Builders [Lawrenceville, GA]
Daffodil Homes
[Atlanta, GA]
Hedgewood Propeties [Atlanta, GA]
Highland Homes
[Atlanta, GA]
Three Star Homes [Augusta, GA]
Traton Homes [Atlanta, GA]

Hawaii (4)
Armstrong Builders
[Honolulu, HI]
Castle and Cooke
[Oahu, HI]
Gentry Homes Ltd. [Honolulu, HI]
Graham Builders Inc. [Honolulu, HI]
Kavana Homes [Hilo]

Schuler Homes [Multi-Island]

Illinois (2)
William Ryan Homes [Chicago, IL]
Robinson Development [Chicago, IL]

Indiana (5)
Adams & Marshall Homes [Indianapolis, IN]
Jim Ingledue Construction, Inc. [Angola, IN]
Construction Resources Corp. [Bloomington, IN]
Langston Development Company
[Carmel, IN]
Heartwood Custom Homes [Indianapolis, IN]

Kentucky (2)
David Carey Custom Builder [Prospect, KY]
Elite Homes
[Louisville, KY]

Maine (2)
Connolly & Co
[Edgecomb, ME]
Precision Builders [Caribou, ME]
JD Construction Co., Inc. [Ellsworth, ME]

Maryland (5)
Arundel Custom Homes [Annapolis, MD]
Joco, Inc. [Waldorf, MD]
Prince Homes
[Prince George County, MD]
Staph Custom Homes
[Baltimore, MD]
Siegel Homes, Inc. [Owings Mills, MD]

Massachusetts (3)
Alexander Homes
[Boston, MA]
Aileen L. Barth & Associates, Inc.
[Nantucket, MA]
Peter A. Phelps
[Nantucket, MA]
Rosbeck Construction
[Nantucket, MA]
D&M Contracting [Worcester, MA]
Adam Construction Corporation [Boston, MA]

Michigan (18)

Ann Arbor
Alpha Contracting, Inc.
Ann Arbor Builders

Briar Hill Associates

Heartland Home Builders

Homeowner Services of America
Johnson Building Group

Murray Builders
Salliotte Building Company
Sierra Homes
Skyview Construction
Wexford Homes

David R. Roberts Builders, Inc.
Hawks Hollow Builders

Diamond Edge Building
[Southfield, MI]
Cadillac Homes
[Grand Rapids, MI]
John Richards Wexford Homes
[Birmingham, MI]
Timberline Building & Design
[Saline, MI]
Kingsway Builders
[Flint, MI]

Missouri (2)
Schwin Custom Construction
[Aurora, M)
Robert Montgomery Homes [Kansas City, MO]

Montana (1)
KC Construction [
Hamilton, MT]

Nebraska (3)
Schott Custom Homes
[Lincoln, NE]
Rockland Homes [Omaha, NE]
Hague Howey Builders
[Omaha, NE]

Nevada (2)
Fiesta Homes
[Las Vegas, NV]
Crosswhite Construction
[Las Vegas, NV]

New Jersey (5)
Crystal Springs Builders [Northern NJ]
Ridge Homes LLC [Liberty Corner, NJ]
Sunrise Communities [Bridgewater, NJ]
Richard Dickson [Princeton, NJ]
Baxter Construction
[Princeton, NJ]

New Hampshire (2)
Atlantic Custom Homebuilders [Rindge, NH]
Bensonwood Homes
[Alstead Center, NH]
RH Irving Co., Inc. [Salisbury, NH]

New Mexico (4)
Innovative Builders Inc. [Albuquerque, NM]
Paul Curry Homes, Inc.
[Las Cruces, NM]
Passage Homes [Albuquerque, NM]
John Kaltenbach Homes [Albuquerque, NM]

New York (10)
Barone Homes
[Rochester, NY]
Bayside Construction
[Kingston, NY]
Beechwood Organization
[Manorville, NY]
Birchwood Park Homes
[Middle Island, NY]
Cervini Homes [Ronkonkoma, NY]
JMR Custom Homes
[Duchess County, NY]
Marini Builders [Albany, NY]
Milestones and Brannon Homes
[Rochester, NY]
Park Ridge Estates
[Ronknokoma, NY]
Steven Leigh, Builder Inc.
[Oyster Bay, NY]
The Swift Group [Albany, NY]

North Carolina (10)
Bass & Royster
[Asheville, NC]
Deltec Homes [Asheville, NC]
Dave A. Lemert Inc. [Raleigh, NC]
Richard Gaylord Homes [Raleigh, NC]
Beacon Builders [Matthews, NC]
Sawyer Homes [Raleigh, NC]
Dublin Homes [Charlotte, NC]
DP Thomas Construction
[Wilmington, NC]
Simonini Builders [Charlotte, NC]
Craig Lewis Builders
[Shallotte, NC]

Ohio (5)
LT Zaring & Co.
[Cincinnati, OH]
Brisben Communities [Cincinnati, OH]
Petros Homes
[Broadview Heights, OH]
Pepperwood Home Builders [Strongsville, OH]
Hancock County Homebuilders

Oklahoma (1)
McCaleb Homes [
Edmond, OK]

Oregon (3)
Dell Construction [Portland, OR]
RS Builders [Willamette Valley, OR]
Riverside Homes [Portland, OR]

Pennsylvania (7)
Liberty Homes [Pocono Lake, PA]
Ameron Construction [State College, PA]
Tri Valley Contractors [Kleinfeltersville, PA ]
Cisney & O'Donnell [Huntingdon, PA ]
Fine Line Homes [Harrisburg, PA]
Dave Himmelberger Construction, Inc. [Bernville, PA]
Charter Oak Homes [Newtown Square, PA]

South Dakota (1)
Romar Homes

Tennessee (2)
Custom Builders [
Henderson, TN]
Sklar Homes [Memphis, TN]

Texas (20)
Ashton Woods
[Dallas, Houston TX]
Stylemark Homes [Houston, TX]
Cody Remodeling & Builders [Austin, TX]
Derby Homes [San Antonio, TX]
Goodman Family of Builders [Dallas/Ft. Worth TX]
McKinley Custom Homes
[Austin, TX]
Holmes Homes [Central TX]
[4 markets in TX]
Powers & Associates [Central TX]
Lexington Custom Homes [San Antonio, TX]
Connell-Barron [San Antonio, TX]
Highland Homes
[3 markets in TX]
Heritage Point Estates [Houston, TX]
Royal M Homes [Houston, TX]
Candlewick Custom Homes [Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX]
Jenkins Construction
[Austin, TX]
Steve Pruyne-Builder
[Austin, TX]
Plantation Homes [
Dallas, TX]
Choice Homes
[Arlington, TX]
Stonewood Custom Homes
[Arlington, TX]

Utah (3)
SW Morgan Fine Homes [Provo, UT]
Lewis Homes [Ogden, UT]
Alpine Homes [UT]

Virginia (3)
Carr Homes [Northern VA]
Nicholas and Company [Norfolk, VA]
Techtonics II [Roseland, VA]

Washington (13)
Bennett Homes
Catalina Homes
Cambridge Homes
[Bellevue, WA]
Cam West Homes
[Bellevue, WA]
Chaffey Homes
[Puget Sound WA/Portland OR]
Parthenon Construction [Puget Sound, WA]
Glover Homes
McKenzie-Taylor [Longview, WA]
Lemco Homes [La Center, WA]
Lumberman's Homes
[Olympia, WA]
William Buchan Homes [Bellevue, WA]
Harbour Homes [Tacoma, WA]
Homestead [Lynden, WA]

Washington DC (2)
Encore Development [Washington DC]
Van Metre Homes [Washington, DC]

Wisconsin (3)
Metrohome International [Onalaska, WI]
PDS Contracting [Sturgeon Bay, WI]
J A.Verthein [Baraboo, WI]

The JA Holmes Corporation [Eagle, ID]
O'Donnell Development Co. [Wyoming, RI]
Eck Builders [Greenwood, SC]


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These are magazines.

Books & Magazines (7)
Architectural Record
Contractor Marketing
Design/Build Business
Engineering News Record
Frank R Walker Company
F.W. Dodoge
Home Systems
Professional Builder
Professional Remodeler
The Source
[Building Industry News]
Roofing Contractor Magazine

Computers and Software (7)
Builder Software Tools, Inc.
Job 2 Date
Homebuilder's Toolbox
Strata Systems [Punchlist for Pilot]
Synapse Software

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Ask the Builder
American City Business Journals
Association of Contractors on the Web
Blue Book [Contractors Register]
BNI Books
Builder Directory
Builder News
Builder Net
Builders Data
Building Industry Exchange
Building Online
Construction Market Data
First Source Online [Specifications]
Home Builders Network
Home Building & Remodeling Network
New Home Web
New Home Network [Realty linked to Builders' sites]
New Homes Net
Northwest Buildnet
Thomas Register


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