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"Let me tell you - YOU HAVE THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE SITE (of links) ABOUT ANYONE I'VE EVER SEEN.  I have to say ""thank you"" for the site. I saw and  taped the Ken Burns documentary (I tape everything that Burns does) on Wright and I have almost worn the tape out. I believe its the best film that Burns did since The Civil War. Your site makes his companion site look puny in comparison.

Steve -
This is a site that would make Frank Lloyd Wright very happy. My name is Ted Stanford and I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Dallas I am employed by a company that is creating software that compresses video, data, and images ""Piranha"". I am also the grandson of Edgar J. Kaufmann of ""Fallingwater"". The reason I am writing is I would like to thank you for this sit it is great and to collaborate with you on researching the Kaufmanns and the house more. Please contact me by email.
Ted Stanford Jr.

Dear Steve,
Great Site - Keep Up The Good Work!

Great site...
Michael J. Macaluso FARA, AIA
National President
Society of American Registered Architects

...your website is VERY user friendly.
Janet L. Jensen

Great site with alot of information. Could you possibly help me find a site or any information on sculptures by Marguerite Brunswig Staude? She is the sculpture student of Frank Lloyd Wright. We were interested in seeing if we could buy any of her work. All my searches came up with the "Chapel in the Hills" and nothing about her great sculptures. We became enamoured with here work while visiting Talesin West.
Scott F.


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