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Q. How do I submit a link?
A. On every page, following every category, there is (or there should be) a 'nav' bar with a "submit a link" button. Click on the  link and then follow the instructions. If for some reason you can't find it, try "!linkmaint.htm".

Q. Who is Steve?
A. Steve is a homebuilder in New York with alot of time on his hands. If you want to see a resume and sample of his work, you can find it at "".

Q. How come I don't see any ads?
A. It wasn't my intent to become an internet millionaire. I started just putting together a sheet of links for my own use, that I could access from home or away. This is just the natural evolution of the list. Now I'm trying to see how many hits I can get. :) If it ever gets to the point where I have to quit my day job, I'll think about advertising. Right now, its clean and fast.

Q. How come there are only 3 FAQ's
A. It's all I could think of to start. I'm sure there will be more. I'm still trying to figure out what order to put them in (I'll probably put the most frequently asked FAQ first).

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